05.01 Glass door «Deltastar»

Glass uncompromising

The  special developed glass system without visible frame construction convinces with the uncompromising presence of glass and refers to a triple glass insert. The border enamel can be produced according to the color scale or on request against presentation.

Technical data
Type: Glass door (133/134/135/136/137)
Material: Triple glass insert with border enamel
Fire protected values: EI30
No. blades: 1 / 2 wing of the door
Wall types: Masonry / light-weight wall
Element intensity: 64mm
Noise protected values: Rw = 40dB (laboratory value)
Surfaces:  Transparent, acetone serigraphy, translucent, pigmented, enameled, color or matte foils, etc.
Options: White glass, Security-/Panic fittings
Frame clear dimensions: 1 wing of the door L 1380 x H 3180mm, Amax 4m2 (No.-AEAI 16412/16413)
2 wings of the door L 2530 x H 3180mm, Amax 7.31m2 (No.-AEAI 16411)